El Boyenar

The community of El Boyenar, located in Region Metropolitana, Santiago, Chile, had limited access to potable water.  Several organizations and government entities tried without success to help the community obtain a reliable clean water supply.  TOHL found success where other entities did not, installing permanent and Mobile Infrastructure in the area.  58 families now enjoy pure potable water in their homes thanks to TOHL. In addition to providing clean water access to locals, TOHL conducted community workshops on water conservation and system maintenance, educating the community and providing them with a sustainable future full of clean water.  

Materials summary

  • Two HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) 20,000 liter storage tanks. 
  • A 2,500 liter HDPE sedimentation tank
  • Water collection point in the river: composed of a concrete cylinder and various hydraulic components
  • In-line chlorinator and chlorine tablets.
  • Faucets for 58 houses with tubing of ¾¨ diameter
  • 5,000 meters of pipeline with diameters of 85 mm, 50 mm and 25 mm
  • Connections, connections, valves and other hydraulic components

Construction Process

Phase 1
The water source (point A) had to be connected to the central distribution point (point B) close to the community. 

The water intake point and sedimentation tank were first installed at the water source. The HDPE pipeline was then installed using a combination of TOHL's helicopter installation technique and conventional installation techniques. Finally, the water storage tanks and the chlorine sanitation system were installed on a concrete slab.

Phase 2 
Through a more conventional process, the distribution network with 58 faucets was installed to connect each house.

Training workshops

3 workshops were completed with the community to ensure project sustainability:

  • Education in the responsible use of water.
  • Fee payment for system durability.
  • Maintenance of the system from a technical perspective.