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Under Ben’s leadership, TOHL has progressed from an idea to a company with scalable products and services contracted by large organizations worldwide.  Ben has received various awards and fellowships for leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation, named Young Innovator at the Tech Awards in Silicon Valley.  His skills include finance, accounting, and capital allocation. He holds a BS in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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APOORVA SINHA, VP of Research and Development & Co-Founder

Apoorv is in charge of integrating TOHL's newest innovations into TOHL's existing solution packages. His savvy with creating practical, novel solutions gives TOHL the edge over competition when it comes to products and services. Apoorv holds a BS in chemical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a MS in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Calgary. 

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ALEXANDRE CRESPO, Hydraulic Design Engineer

Alex is in charge of the engineering and design of TOHL’s projects. Alex takes projects from the feasibility phase to finalized designs that are ready for implementation. He performs modeling and engineering calculations that align with existing codes and standards. His versatile skill set allows him to assume many responsibilities within TOHL’s operations.  Alex holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Catalonia Polytechnic University (Spain). 

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PAULA NUCHE, Administrative Assistant

Paula is in charge of managing and coordinating TOHL’s day-to-day operations. As company administrator, some of her roles include scheduling, communication, translation, and creation of proposals and reports. Paula has a degree from University Andrés Bello (Chile) in Tourism and Customer Relations.




Bernardo Javalquinto is the Founder and President of the Yunus School of Social Business, a thinktank in the eradication of poverty, raising awareness of environmental conservation and environmental, economic and social development of rural areas around the globe. He has a BSc Economics, University of Maryland; PhD, Political Economy, University SMC Switzerland; PhD, Law and Economics, University Lleida; MBA - UGM / MIT International Business. Through the Yunus School, Bernardo mentors and collaborates with TOHL regarding the eradication of poverty.


JUAN FRANCISCO CABO, Project Manager - Chile

Juan is in charge of management and execution of hydraulic construction projects in Chile. He has a wide range of technical experience as well as experience controlling project budgets of various types. Juan has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Camilo José Cela (Spain). 


IBRAHIM SUFI, Regional Director - Kenya

Ibrahim is the Regional Director of TOHL Kenya, the location of TOHL’s newest operations. He is an entrepreneur and business owner, and holds a BS in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

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ALEJANDRO GONZÁLEZ-SUÁREZ, Regional Director - Central America

Alejandro is the Regional Director of TOHL Central America. Formerly he directed an international exchange program housed at Cornell University. Masters Studies in Water Resources Engineering at the City College of New York inspired him to return to his home country where he founded González Suárez Ingenieros, a Nicaragua based engineering firm addressing climate change and water scarcity by building with appropriate technologies and by training a young workforce to promote sustainability. Alejandro initially became a Civil Engineer through a five year program before following that with Post Graduate Studies in Environmental Engineering at the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería in Managua.


DEAN MOORE, Project Manager - Kenya

Dean Moore brings more than 25 years of medical and commercial construction expertise to the TOHL team. Combined with over 14 years of customer service and surveying with Washington Gas Light Company, Dean’s assets include site development and team building in a wide array of applications. Dean is also a public servant in the City of Clarkston, Georgia, having served over two years on the Planning and Zoning Committee, before being elected twice to a position as a City Councilman. 



Paige's work at TOHL focuses on market research. She studies Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.



Brittney studies Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. She works on marketing at TOHL.






Ian creates and edits web and marketing content for TOHL.  He is a junior studying Materials Science at MIT.